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Wire application block overview
- Mar 03, 2017 -

Shi blockade of steel wire mesh plastic (PE) composite pipes was to spread high strength steel wire entanglement around pipes and other seals in order to strengthen the skeleton, the HDPE matrix within and outside, by continued extrusion molding of new type of tubing. Wire seals mesh plastic (PE) pipe life retreat, large diameter plastic pipe pressure difference difficulties have been resolved. The products of the above characteristics of the municipal water supply, particularly in medicine, oil and chemical industry with broad broad boldness broad boldness broad gets unrestrained growth prospects. Due to structure differences, wire seals network skeleton plastic (PE) composite tube in bearing pressure, and resistance pressure capacity Shang more with above PVC, and PE, and PP-R tube, the product suffered as pressure by need of thickness below pure plastic built of plastic pipeline, pipeline dominating times of resistance scene image image stress cracking, and resistance fast crack growth, and resistance creep variable performance are get forward, long dominating of reliable sex also get guarantees. It not only saved the good pressure properties of the pipe, and the brilliant David in anger hope plastic pipe and easy to lay, craft gets reliable, long life and other specialty.