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Causes Of Scorch
- Mar 03, 2017 -

(1) the formula is poorly designed, curing system imbalances, curing agent, Accelerator level superior.
(2) for certain needs of plasticating rubber, plastic chain does not meet the requirements, plasticity is too low, the resin is perfect, leading to surge when the rubber. Rubber mixing machine or other roller devices (such as return to mixing mill, calender) roller temperature is too high, cool enough, can also lead to scorch.
(3) mix when discharging is too thick, poor heat dissipation, with or without cooling, namely haste stacking storage, factors such as poor ventilation, high heat with the Treasury, heat accumulation, which can also cause burning.
(4) poor management of rubber during storage, the rest of the scorch time exhausted, still stacked no, natural scorch.