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Classification For Rubber Mold
- Mar 03, 2017 -

1. pressing mould
Also known as the common die. It is mixed, processed into a certain shape and weigh of semi-finished plastic material directly into the tool, and then into the pressurized, heated platen machine. Compounds formed under pressure and heat.
Features: mold structure is very simple, versatile, wide use, easy, so in rubber molded products account for a large proportion.
2. die-cast mould
Also known as the delivery type mold or gelatin mold. It is to mix, simple shapes, limit certain rubber or plastic piece of semi-finished products into Diecasting cavity through die casting pressure extrusion of rubber and rubber by vulcanization in the gating system enters the mold cavity shape.
Feature: complex than ordinary die, suitable for making conventional molding must be suppressed or barely suppressed thin, slender flexible products and rubber products with complicated shapes, difficult to feed. The products produced by the mould good compactness, high quality.