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Electrostatic Problems In Thermal Transfer Ribbon Printing
- Oct 12, 2017 -

The generation and release of static electricity has always been a factor in the thermal transfer Ribbon printing, mainly caused by the thermal transfer Ribbon and the mechanical friction of the printer, including printheads, studies show that there is no direct between the static and printhead life contact. But some of the applied technology such as the Thermal Transfer Ribbon's backcoat and the electrostatic brush on the printer can be very effective in reducing static electricity.
Although there is an instrument that can measure the static electricity generated during printing, the simplest way to know if the amount of static electricity is small is to look at the quality of the printed graphics. If you are still troubled by static problems, high quality is not white and can be scanned by a scanner Quick reading is the best description.
If you care about the life of the printhead, it is a matter of fact that you should always be clean and use the correct tension and pressure.
When the print speed is accelerated, static electricity will affect the print quality, electrostatic adsorption of small particles will have a negative impact on print quality, then we must use high-speed Thermal Transfer Ribbon can solve a problem.
The label printer keeps the printhead clean during use to ensure print quality and extended printhead life. Note: Turn off the power when cleaning the Thermal Transfer Ribbon printhead. If the temperature of the printhead is too high, adjust the temperature of the printer's printhead to the appropriate temperature.
How does the Thermal Transfer Ribbon affect the bar code printer?
1, the correct operation:
The operation of the user is correct, the bar code Thermal Transfer Ribbon printer has a great impact on the length of life, such as temperature, pressure and other machine settings and applications, bar code Thermal Transfer Ribbon the correct use of cleaning and so on.
2, the implementation of the maintenance:
Whether the use of the implementation of the general maintenance, and Thermal Transfer Ribbon maintenance action is correct (including the use of maintenance equipment and methods), and regular professional maintenance adjustment is complete, the above points affect the bar code printer life.
3, the environmental factors:
Barcode Thermal Transfer Ribbon printer when not in use, please turn off the power, allowing the machine to keep as low as possible in the switching power supply is best separated by 5 to 10 minutes, try to choose to place in a clean environment. If the above conditions are met, the life of the thermal transfer Ribbon printer continues at least 5%.
Barcode printheads are the most vulnerable and fragile devices in barcode printers. It is like a car is a loss of goods, and ultimately will be damaged, but continue to pay attention to maintenance, and constantly clean up the bar code Thermal Transfer Ribbon ribbon layer caused by dirt can extend the bar code print head life.
Bar code printhead pre-maintenance
To play the best role, when a roll of a thermal transfer Ribbon or a roll of thermal paper to be cleaned once a bar code print head. CAUTION When cleaning the bar code printhead, remove the ring to prevent scratch bar code printheads and use a grounded metal strap or an antistatic mat to prevent damage to the bar code printhead.
Use a 70% alcoholic cotton swab, first turn off the printer and turn on the bar code printhead, brush with a small amount of cotton on the Thermal Transfer Ribbon printer, or gently blow the dust (eg roller, paper / ribbon sensor and bar code Print Head). Do not use any hard metal or wearable tools (such as a screwdriver) to burn the bar code printed by the bar code thermal transfer Ribbon generated by the pollutants.