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Foamed Silicone Common Sense
- Mar 03, 2017 -

1. Select the appropriate foam
Should use its decomposition products does not affect the heat resistance of silicone rubber foam. BN, urea and other organic foaming is generally used as blowing agent, and its decomposition product in the removed second curing.
2. control of curing agent and foaming agent
To match foaming rate and cure rate. Increasing the amount of foaming agent, will increase the porosity of cavernous hole, lower density increase curing agent dosage will decrease the cavernous hole holes, increasing density, thick hole wall. In addition, the curing temperature on sponge also has a big impact on the hole.
3. curing agent suitable
Sponges can be better controlled porosity and density.
4. control the plastic compound values
Plastic value is too large, hole could easily lead to inflated to form a rough opening structure, even a lot of hole break; plastic value is too small, not enough holes, hard products. Weak reinforcing filler compound easier to control the plastic values, rework of the rubber compound best on that day.