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How Does Thermal Transfer Ribbon Affect The Printer
- Sep 12, 2017 -

How does Thermal Transfer Ribbon affect the printer

1. Correct operation:

The user operation is correct, the Thermal Transfer Ribbon printer has great effect on the length of service life, such as temperature, pressure and so on machine setting and application of Thermal Transfer Ribbon correct use of cleaning, and so on.

2. Maintenance of the implementation:

Whether in accordance with the conditions to carry out the general maintenance, use and maintenance action is correct (including the use of maintenance of instruments and methods), and regular professional maintenance calibration is complete, the above several influence the Thermal Transfer Ribbon printer service life.

3. Environmental factors:

The Thermal Transfer Ribbon printer should turn off the power when not in use, so as to keep the machine at a low temperature. When switching power supply, it is best to be separated between 5~10 minutes, and choose to be placed in a cleaner environment. If the above conditions are met, the life of the Thermal Transfer Ribbon printer shall be at least 5% or more.

Thermal Transfer Ribbon printing head is the most vulnerable device in the Thermal Transfer Ribbon printer. It is like a car, which is a loss, which will eventually be damaged. However, constant attention is paid to the maintenance, and the continuous reasonable cleaning of the dirt caused by the Thermal Transfer Ribbon layer can prolong the life of the printing head of the Thermal Transfer Ribbon.

Thermal Transfer Ribbon printing head pre-maintenance

To play the best role, once every coil of Thermal Transfer Ribbon or a coil of heat-sensitive paper is required to clean a Thermal Transfer Ribbon printing head. Note that when the clean Thermal Transfer Ribbon is printed, the ring should be removed from the ring to prevent the damage of the Thermal Transfer Ribbon printing head, and the grounding metal strip or anti-static pad shall be used to prevent the electrostatic damage of the Thermal Transfer Ribbon printing head.

Usable cotton swab soaked in 70% alcohol, first close the printer power supply and open the Thermal Transfer Ribbon printing head, brush with a small amount of cotton in the mechanical parts of the printer, or gently blowing dust (such as roller, paper/Ribbon sensor and Thermal Transfer Ribbon print head). Do not use any hard metal or wear tools (such as screwdrivers) to grind the pollutants produced by the Thermal Transfer Ribbon of the Thermal Transfer Ribbon.

Use a cotton wand with alcohol to press the top of the Thermal Transfer Ribbon to print the top of the head and then rotate the roller to wipe it off with its side.

The formulation of water wash Thermal Transfer Ribbon standard meets the quality stability and improvement of Thermal Transfer Ribbon products, and strengthens the traceability of products in the clothing industry. Since then, the washing and Transfer Ribbon used in the clothing industry has also been standard.

Since 2001, when the Chinese compulsory clothing labeling was specified, garment manufacturers began to use the water-washing label suitable for clothing. Water wash label Thermal Transfer Ribbon is a kind of consumable material for the effective identification of the label of clothing water washing cloth, which is the high-end product in the hot stamping field. Standard for the washing label Thermal Transfer Ribbon for washing label Thermal Transfer Ribbon sizes are classified, has been clear about the cosmetic requirements and longitudinal shrinkage, tensile strength, printing noise value, color density, static, solvent residual amount, such as product performance requirements, request the character mark clear after printing, washed, dry-cleaned character after imprinting clearly distinguishable.

According to China automatic identification technology association secretary-general Jessie, widely in the Internet of things application background, the from all walks of life are the need for data acquisition, data acquisition depends on the carrier, whether one dimensional code, the qr code or product introduction and explanation, all need Thermal Transfer Ribbon Thermal Transfer technology will data information printed on the label paper, become the familiar product identification. Used in the clothing industry of washing label Thermal Transfer Ribbon and used for pharmaceutical industry tag Thermal Transfer Ribbon, is Thermal Transfer Ribbon two relatively typical applications, but so far there is no national standards and industry standards.

More than 20 enterprises from the application field of Thermal Transfer Ribbon participated in the standard publicity meeting at the end of may. Most of enterprises think two standards to meet the Thermal Transfer Ribbon product quality stability and improve, and ensure that the requirements of the independent brand market share, suggested that drug label Thermal Transfer Ribbon standard further clear mark friction resistance, imprinting alcohol resistance and other technical requirements; Water wash label Thermal Transfer Ribbon standard to increase corrosion resistance and resistance to dyeing technology.