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How To Choose The Right Security Labels And Bags
- Jul 19, 2017 -

How to choose the right Security Labels and Bags

With the progress of science and technology, social from all walks of life also got unprecedented development, during which there is a very important but also easy to ignore a role - Security Labels and Bags bag. Small Security Labels and Bags have a lot of advantages in all walks of life.

Security Labels and Bags are now, at best, an identity card for some products. For example, in the supermarket, food, medicine, logistics, electronics, home appliances, automobile, chemical, clothing, aviation, etc., everyone can see it. Often when you see it, it's the way it used to be, and now we're going to introduce it to you from its own materials and properties.

Security Labels and Bags existing self-adhesive Security Labels and Bags bag bag, card Security Labels and Bags, cloth kind of Security Labels and Bags bag, ceramic Security Labels and Bags bag, metal Security Labels and Bags bag, PVC board and other materials, suitable for bar code printer gration bottom with the material of the end of paper or kraft adhesive safety security labels and tags and bags, paper bags, cloth kind of Security Labels and Bags bag.

The adhesive Security Labels and Bags bag are divided into two types: paper and film. Paper type, material is not waterproof, does not prevent oil, can tear, divided into sublight and semi-high light. Applicable to box label, price tag, asset management record, general merchandise, etc. Semi-highlight materials are commonly called copper-coated paper, and the surface of the material is smooth and smooth, and can be printed by bar code printer. It has two kinds of carbon, one is waxy base color band, because it is full waxy base, the printing effect is good, but it is not resistant to scratch. The other one is mixed base carbon belt, which is semi-waxy base semi resin, which is good for printing and resistant to scratches, but is slightly higher than the waxy base color band. Subgloss paper, also called writing paper, because of its surface roughness and grain, has a good absorption, generally used in machine printing and laser printing. Subgloss paper is slightly higher for carbon belt, generally mixed base and specific selection, depending on the customer.

As a paper surface material there is also a material to introduce specifically, the adhesive heat sensitive paper. The heat sensitive material is coated with carbon powder. The heat transfer is transferred to the material by the printing head on the bar code printer. Therefore, it is not necessary to match the carbon belt to print. Simple operation, more used for supermarket electronic balance and pos machine price Security Labels and Bags bag and other retail. The use of thermosensitive paper Security Labels and Bags need to be required for storage environment, indoor room temperature and drying.

Security labels, and other paper bag: thermal transfer paper (suitable for printing, cooperate with wax gezer with effect is also quite good), fluorescent paper (the characteristics of the color many, has warned that marked), gold foil material (gold, silver, high surface quality), easy shredding (surface material is easily broken, used to prevent open), etc., and the basic characteristics of coated paper to print.

The common types of non-adhesive materials are chemical synthetic membrane PE (PE), chemical synthetic membrane pet (polyester), chemical synthetic membrane pp (polypropylene), synthetic paper and so on. The film material features waterproof, oil proof, easy to tear, high temperature. Suitable for electronics, home appliance, automobile, chemical industry etc.

White PE, resistance to water, oil and chemicals, such as performance is important product Security Labels and Bags, used in cosmetic and washing products Security Labels and Bags, material extruding performance is good, good dimensional stability, low temperature strength, cooperate with the resin carbon with print, excellent results. (PE has a transparent, misty, bright silver and thick distinction).

White pet, water resistant, oil and chemical products are more important product Security Labels and Bags, such as the daily chemical and washing products Security Labels and Bags attached to pet bottles or packages. Good dimensional stability, high tensile strength, high tear strength and stiffness, good heat resistance. With the resin carbon belt printing, the effect is excellent. (pet has a white, dumb, silver, transparent and thick distinction).

White pp, anti-water, oil and chemical products are more important product Security Labels and Bags, more for washing supplies, cosmetic Security Labels and Bags. Good gloss and dimension stability, high tensile strength, more for printing, cooperate with resin-carbon tape printing, the effect is good. (as with the above products, pp also has a color and a thin distinction).