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How To Extend The Service Life Of Logistic Packing And Transportation Supplies
- Oct 23, 2017 -

How to extend the service life of Logistic Packing and Transportation Supplies
With the continuous changes in transport methods, Logistic Packing and Transportation Supplies as a large loading container with a large number of goods can be loaded and can effectively protect the safety of transport goods, in addition, in the middle of the replacement of different vehicles do not need to goods from Box out of the facelift, so by the majority of enterprises highly welcome and favor, but at the same time people are also worried about the length of its life. So, how should we extend the service life of this high quality logistics package?
1, to ensure that the carrying weight within the specified range
When the quality of good quality and low cost of Logistic Packing and Transportation Supplies in the loading of goods, must be based on its size and size of the container to calculate the maximum carrying capacity of the container, but also in strict accordance with the container door above or posterior column above the mark To carry the loading of the goods, and not directly blindly larger than the carrying capacity of the goods directly into the container, or not only will cause serious damage to the safety of the goods will damage the container.
2, handling to be protective measures
Logistic Packing and Transportation Supplies in the process of handling the use of wooden mats or shock cotton for cargo packing, in order to ensure that the transport will not be due to moisture or sidewall collision and affect its life. In addition, the goods in the box when the light should also be taken to avoid the container out of paint or deformation of the situation.
3, to regularly brush repair
The quality of the best and the best Logistic Packing and Transportation Supplies in the sun's long exposure will inevitably fall off the paint or rust, then once this phenomenon, then in time to paint and paint a layer of protective film in order to ensure that the box The body will not be corroded and can be used for a longer time; and Logistic Packing and Transportation Supplies if the door deformation or damage, then it is necessary to replace and repair in time to extend its service life.
To sum up, we have a profound understanding of the logistics package transport supplies in loading not only to ensure that the weight of the cargo to be within the scope of the container but also for its corresponding protective measures. Therefore, only really do these points in order to make the transport of goods to be highly protected and can effectively extend the life of the container.
The first point is sure to go to the formal sale of Logistic Packing and Transportation Supplies market to buy, in China, logistics and transport supplies where to buy it? According to Xiao Bian understand that China's logistics and packaging transport supplies most of the region in Shenzhen, Guangdong, this coastal city, because there are many goods here are shipping, so the container relative to other cities more, and the shipping company is the container demand The largest merchants, so they will continue to buy new containers, but also sell old containers. Purchase Logistic Packing and Transportation Supplies also pay attention to the need to have qualified procedures, especially the transaction invoice must have. General logistics packaging transport companies will have a fixed "Logistic Packing and Transportation Supplies trading process" manual for customers to understand, so the purchase can also be based on this manual for reference.
The second point is in the selection of Logistic Packing and Transportation Supplies to carefully observe the degree of the old and new cabinet, the temperature of each box surface rust. Although it is the purchase of Logistic Packing and Transportation Supplies, but also choose the quality of better, can use the box as long as possible. There are many types of container specifications to choose from. Check the outside of the container, the inside and the top can not be ignored, the need to select the container to see if there is no light or leakage of water and other phenomena, but also to check the container floor is intact, the container around the top of the degree of concavity, , There is no rust iron fall and so on. Longer use of the container may be due to long-term erosion by the rain or transport and unloading process of some man-made damage caused by rust iron fall, such Logistic Packing and Transportation Supplies must not be purchased, perhaps its price will be cheaper, but More likely to use the time is not long can not be used.