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How To Identify Food Packaging Bags Safety Labels
- Jun 01, 2017 -

 How to identify food packaging bags safety labels

  1, food quality and safety signs

  Security Labels and Bags The Food Market Access Mark is made up of "Quality Safety" letters "Q", "S" and "Quality and Safety" Chinese characters. Logo main color is blue, the letter "Q" and "quality and safety" four Chinese characters for the blue, the letter "S" is white. Enterprises in the use of food market access signs, according to the proportion of self-scaling, but can not be deformed, discoloration. The "Food Production License" is made up of the English alphabet QS plus 12 Arabic numerals. QS for the English quality and safety of the abbreviation, the number of the first four for the acceptance authority number, the middle 4 for the product class number, the last four for the certified business serial number. When the minimum sales area of the minimum food sales area is less than 10 square centimeters, the "food production license" number can be printed without printing (but the "food production license" must be printed on its large package "Numbering.

  2, the national Mianjian product logo

  National Quality and Technical Supervision unified inspection of the exemption mark was round, the median position for the "free" Chinese Pinyin initials "M" is, down the connection graphics, the real virtual, meaning that the exemption of the external and intrinsic quality Meet the requirements of the relevant quality laws and regulations. In the center of the pattern above, there are "national Mianjian products" words, showing the authority of the national Mianjian; pattern left and right, to mark the date of the exemption from the beginning and end of the month; month, pattern is arranged in the arc "National Quality Technology Supervision Bureau "9 words and its English abbreviation" CSBTS ". The exemption mark is white, the outer circle and the center are blue, the word and the letter are black. The size of the exemption mark is determined by the outer radius R of the mark, and the size of the other parts on the mark is determined by the corresponding ratio of R. The enterprise that has obtained the exemption certificate may voluntarily mark the exemption mark on the product or its nameplate, packing material, instruction manual and quality certificate. The exemption is valid for three years. If the product needs to be exempted after the exemption period, the enterprise shall reapply the application.

  3, recyclable logo

  Security Labels and Bags The product packaging is accompanied by a recycling mark that is recyclable and the recycling representative can be used again. This is the formation of a special triangle three arrow mark, that is, in the past few years in the world has become very popular cycle of regeneration signs, it was referred to as the recycling mark. It is printed on a variety of goods and goods on the packaging, in the Coke, Sprite cans you can find it. This special triangular logo has two meanings: first: it reminds people that after using the goods printed with this logo, please send it to the recycling, and do not throw it as garbage. Second: it marks the packaging of goods or goods is made of renewable materials, so it is beneficial to the environment and the protection of the Earth. In many developed countries this home, people in the purchase of goods always look for a look, to see if the goods printed on this little three arrows recycling logo.

  4, green food logo

  Green food logo by the China Green Food Development Center in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office officially registered quality certification mark. Consists of three parts, that is, above the sun, below the leaves and the center of the buds. The logo is round, meaning protection. The whole picture depicts a bright sunshine under the harmony of life, to tell people green food is pure, good ecological environment, safe and pollution-free food, can give people a vigorous vitality. The Green Food logo also reminds people to protect the environment by creating a new harmony in nature by improving the relationship between people and the environment.

  Green food and ordinary food compared to three significant features: (a) stressed that the product from the best ecological environment. Green food production from the origin of raw materials to start the ecological environment, through the origin of raw materials and environmental factors around the strict monitoring to determine whether it has the basic conditions for the production of green food. (B) the implementation of the entire product quality control. Green food production implementation of "from the land to the table" full quality control. Through the prenatal links of environmental monitoring and raw material testing; production and production of specific links, the implementation of processing procedures, as well as postpartum links product quality, health indicators, packaging, preservation, transportation, storage, sales control to ensure that the overall quality of green food products , And improve the technical content of the entire production process. (C) of the product according to the law to implement the logo management. Green food logo is a quality certification mark, is a category of intellectual property, by the "People's Republic of China Trademark Law" protection.