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How To Identify The Heat Thermal Transfer Ribbon Is Good Or Bad
- Aug 21, 2017 -

How to identify the heat Thermal Transfer Ribbon is good or bad

Identification of thermal Thermal Transfer Ribbon is good or bad, usually from the following aspects:

1. Carbon with pinhole (bubble): the ink is not caused by the coating. Will cause the word to print incomplete.

2. Thermal Transfer Ribbon Wrinkles: Due to problems with the tension control system at the time of cutting, it results in a small area on the Thermal Transfer Ribbon

There is no word on the field. Because the melting temperature of the two-layer Thermal Transfer Ribbon is much greater than the temperature of one layer.

3. Thermal Transfer Ribbon with blank: As the film is not handled well, will cause more than the out of the blank.

4. The tolerance of the inner diameter of the core is too large or too small: it does not fit into the printer or the belt does not fit the Thermal Transfer Ribbon.

5. Transport temperature is too high, will cause the Thermal Transfer Ribbon to stick together.

6. Whether the core of the running edge: will cause broken tape, the edge of the print is not on.

7. The Thermal Transfer Ribbon is not long enough.

8. Tandem winding too tight or too loose, resulting in the Thermal Transfer Ribbon can not run with the printer.

9. shoddy, waxy elements too high resin composition too little, leading to the advantages of the hybrid can not show.

Generally speaking, to purchase the right Thermal Transfer Ribbon is not an easy thing, different printers have different print preferences, plus different print media, but also affect the printing effect, and now, the price of the tape can be said With the domestic processing capacity is becoming more and more popular, the price is getting lower and lower, to purchase and cheap and easy to use the Thermal Transfer Ribbon, there must be a real knowledgeable people to guide, or bad print effect is directly affected by the product The image.

In addition, a small number of imported printers designated to use a dedicated print Thermal Transfer Ribbon, the effect is not necessarily significantly better than the general printing effect, and its Thermal Transfer Ribbon is very expensive, which is the purchase of the printer must pay special attention to the place. Because now, the constant price reduction of the general thermal Thermal Transfer Ribbon, the price has been lower than the inkjet ink prices, and the same as the laser printer toner.

In addition, the color Thermal Transfer Ribbon is also must pay attention when buying, the current domestic use of color Thermal Transfer Ribbon is not much.

It is often necessary to determine the color basis (wax base, mixed base or resin base) of the Thermal Transfer Ribbon, and the width and length of the Thermal Transfer Ribbon. In order to be able to choose the right Thermal Transfer Ribbon, to obtain the best print results, should consider the following:

1) on what printer

In the thermal Thermal Transfer Ribbon mode, the Thermal Transfer Ribbon and the label paper in the length of the direction is synchronized consumption, the width direction, the width of the Thermal Transfer Ribbon should be greater than the width of the label paper, less than the maximum print width of the printer. Due to the different physical dimensions of each printer, the maximum paper roll length that can be loaded and the maximum width that can be printed are also different. In addition, the working temperature of the print head and the belt with the sensitivity of the characteristics of the final print will have a great impact.

      2) The print media is different

A print medium is a material that a label printer can print. From the shape of the media are mainly strip, card and label, from the material mainly paper, synthetic materials and fabrics.

     3) desired graphics durability

If you want to print out the label content has a good durability, you should choose resin-based Thermal Transfer Ribbon.

4) Costs that can be borne

In general, the cost of wax-based carbon Thermal Transfer Ribbon is the lowest, the cost of mixed-based carbon Thermal Transfer Ribbon, resin-based Thermal Transfer Ribbon cost the highest.

5) label scratch, scratch resistance, resistance to smear, corrosion resistance, high temperature and other requirements

If the label in the scratch-resistant, resistant to smear, corrosion-resistant, high temperature environment, should choose resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon or mixed-based Thermal Transfer Ribbon.