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How To Identify The Thermal Transfer Ribbon Is Good Or Bad?
- Jun 23, 2017 -

How to identify the Thermal Transfer Ribbon is good or bad?
Ordinary users to purchase quality and cheap Thermal Transfer Ribbon ribbon is not an easy thing, different Thermal Transfer Ribbon printer on the media requirements are not the same, and now the production of ribbon companies more and more, because the competition, Printing the price of the ribbon is getting lower and lower, to purchase and cheap and easy to use the ribbon, it is necessary to have a real knowledgeable people to guide, or bad print effect is directly affected by the product image.
In general, the quality of the tape, however, has the following characteristics:
1. The ribbon has white or needle: the ink is not coated. Will result in incomplete print.
2. Whether the core of the running edge: will cause broken tape, the edge of the print is not on.
3. Ribbon length is not enough.
4. Tandem winding is too tight or too relaxed, resulting in the ribbon can not run with the printer.
5. shoddy, waxy ingredients too high resin composition is too small, resulting in can not show the advantages of mixed base.
6. Tape wrinkling: Due to a problem with the tension control system at the time of cutting, it will result in the printing of a small area on the ribbon. Because the melting temperature of the two-layer ribbon is much greater than the temperature of one layer
7. Ribbon with blank: As the film is not handled well, will cause more than the out of the blank.
8. The difference between the inner diameter of the core and the printer shaft is large: it does not load the printer or the belt
9. Because the outside temperature is too high, the tapes are glued together.
Tape storage environment:
Barcode Tape Storage: To ensure better print quality performance, use, transport and store the ribbon according to the following environmental requirements
1), the use of the environment: 5 ℃ -35 ℃, 45% -85% relative humidity;
2), storage environment: -5 ℃ -40 ℃, 20% -85% of the conditions stored, not more than one year;
3), the transport environment: -5 ℃ -45 ℃, 20% -85% relative humidity, the time not more than a month;
: Will be directly exposed to the sun in the sun and humid environment will be damaged on the ribbon;
Production of thermal transfer Thermal Transfer Ribbon ribbon: wax base, mixed base, resin base, water ribbon, color ribbon, NIC Tandai, ZOMAX Tandai, imported Tandai price concessions, quality and stability, I produced the Thermal Transfer Ribbon The following characteristics are as follows:
Excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, with a wide range of applications.
* High resolution suitable for printing standard and rotating Thermal Transfer Ribbon.
* Can meet the needs of different printed materials.
* High sensitivity ensures excellent print results.
* Anti-static backcoat, effective protection of the print head.