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How To Use Tote Container Boxes And Plastic Crates Correctly
- Sep 04, 2017 -

How to use Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates correctly
    According to the production of different materials, we generally can be divided into containers and boxes of plastic boxes, hollow turnover me and so on. Because they are made of plastic and hollow material, respectively. Different materials, so that the product also has a different performance and characteristics, so in the use of the process, to master the points are different. How do we use it correctly? Today to introduce you to the use of Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates points it.
    1, plastic material for the copolymer of polypropylene, polyethylene synthesis, light weight, long service life;
    2, with or without standard concave torsion cover the size difference of 18mm;
    3, the outer size refers to the maximum size of the logistics box cover;
    4, the effective working temperature of Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates -25 ℃ - 40 ℃;
    5, the Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates of the load in the adaptation to the ambient temperature range, the uniform load of the load;
    6, Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates can be stacked storage, saving space.
   Because of the light weight of the turnover box, high strength, non-toxic pollution, water and moisture, acid and alkali corrosion, oil resistance, rich color, with good environmental performance and secondary processing performance, is the world's many advanced countries commonly used New environmentally friendly packaging materials. What are the benefits of Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates than cartons?
      1, Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates with anti-bending, anti-aging, bearing strength, tensile, compression, tear, high temperature, rich colors.
      2, box-type turnover box can be used for turnover and can be used for finished product packaging, lightweight, durable, stackable.
      3, paper box product performance is the opposite, not environmentally friendly, not durable, no moisture, the only advantage is the low cost of purchase, but the carton compared to the use of Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates lower cost, so most of a friend Will be selected on the Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates. Carton usage will gradually fade out of the market.
     Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates is a modern logistics products for clothing, hardware, machinery, electronics, chemicals, instruments, aquaculture, food, aquatic products, logistics warehousing and other industries, can be used to hold food, clean and convenient, parts turnover convenient Neat, easy to manage. Its reasonable design, excellent quality, suitable for the logistics of the factory transport, distribution, storage, circulation and other sectors.
      Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates can be used with a variety of logistics containers and station devices for various types of warehouses, production sites and other occasions, the turnover box to help complete the logistics container of the generalization, integration management, production and circulation of enterprises to modernize Logistics management of the essential goods. Then the quality of the Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates depends on what factors?
1, out of the body
      The center plate of the hydraulic press has a center ejection cylinder, which is used as the center of the power. As the box size is large, it is not appropriate to use blanking board structure, so the top of the mold in the center of the top of the design of a larger diameter of the top plate, so that when the product is evenly ejected, and the other in the top and the top set Compressed air holes, so that when the top of the automatic access to compressed air at the same time, thereby improving the mold release due to the formation of a vacuum caused by the product deformation of the product, and can achieve the same mold and automatic mold release, the operator Just take the product after the stripping is complete.
2, anti-top institutions
      When the mold cavity groove more, deeper or core slope is large, the core temperature is high, the parts are likely to fall into the mold cavity, resulting in the difficulty of picking. In order to avoid this situation, in the mold cavity at the two ends of the long side of the four anti-mandrel mechanism, mold when the top sleeve in the pressure back to the state, when the mold by the spring force, Edge, so that the product always remain on the core, and will not fall into the mold cavity. In the top of the outer wall to open a long slot with a screw positioning to prevent the top sleeve rotation of the product edge defects.
3, cooling
      Adequate good cooling is an important factor in improving the quality and productivity of Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates. The mold is drilled through the water tank in the surrounding plate and the bottom mold. For the core due to the use of non-thick material when the joint structure can also use the coil (iron pipe or copper tube, with a simple straight pipe into the desired shape) into the empty tank, and then into the lead or aluminum seal Bit (pouring attention to the temperature is not high to avoid ironing the coil connected to the long weld, but also the application of the rod to stay out of the die hole), cooling effect is also good, and the processing cycle is shorter.