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On The Implementation Of The Express Delivery Of Green Logistic Packing And Transportation Supplies
- Jun 16, 2017 -

On the implementation of the express delivery of green Logistic Packing and Transportation Supplies

Express bag: 5.5 billion, express delivery orders: 14 billion, sealing plastic: 11.45 billion meters, the file envelope: 2.1 billion, logistics and packaging transport containers: 6.7 billion, the internal buffer: 2.01 billion, woven bags: 2 billion articles. The The The The The

Yes, this is the 2014 annual express delivery package of goods produced by the amazing figures, and in this string of numbers behind the stimulating domestic demand, promote economic development at the same time can not avoid such a large express garbage generated. The The

In recent years, the rapid development of express industry momentum, known as the Chinese economy, a "dark horse." But in the rapid increase in the amount of delivery, the waste of logistics packaging transport boxes, piles of wrapped tape and other express logistics package transport supplies brought a series of environmental problems can not be ignored. "Casually throw the chant." The answer is almost stereotyped. Data show that in 2014 the delivery industry to complete 14 billion package, resulting in the logistics of transport supplies garbage to millions of tons, in the city of solid waste, the logistics packaging transport supplies accounted for nearly 50% of the volume. More serious is that the logistics packaging transport bags of raw materials are generally polyethylene, it is difficult to be natural degradation; transparent tape and other major raw materials for the PVC, etc., buried in the ground to be a hundred years to degradation, environmental protection huge influence. In this year's "double 11" crazy boost under the experts predict: this year's express parcel will break through 20 billion mark! How will the mass of waste generated by it be processed? Is the concentration of incineration? Or from the source to control, research and development of new technologies, new technology to promote the logistics of packaging materials easy to degradation, increase the frequency of use to cure this?

In the face of express development behind the ecological environment, in this year's "double 11" period, the State Post Bureau News and Publicity Center EMS, SF, Shen Tong, Yuantong, Zhongtong, rhyme, 100 Huitong, home delivery, every day, excellent speed , The whole peak, the country, fast, speed Seoul, Debon, Long Bang and other 16 courier companies officially released China's first "China Express logistics green packaging and transport supplies development status and trend report", called the promotion of green logistics packaging transport supplies , The development of green express. To the community issued on the express logistics packaging transport supplies green initiative and the Declaration pointed out: logistics packaging and transportation supplies production enterprises should actively develop resources for conservation and recycling of logistics packaging and transportation of new materials, and actively promote the new energy-saving environmental protection requirements Technology, new design, new technology, through the improvement of production technology to improve the value of the goods themselves. Logistics packaging transport supplies users should be the definition of goods logistics and packaging supplies to meet the logistics packaging transport supplies functional requirements, and consciously avoid excessive logistics packaging transport supplies, and actively use easy to recover, easy to handle or easy to digest the logistics packaging transport materials, to promote simple But not simple commodity logistics packaging transport supplies new ideas.

As a courier business logistics packaging transport supplies materials giant, the annual production and sales of logistics packaging and transportation materials to millions of tons dollars! In order to save resources and reduce waste, to avoid the destruction of the ecological environment, boosting the sustainable development of the industry, the Tianyuan Group is well aware of the growth of the social and ecological environment. "Policy did not move Tianyuan first"! Group as early as 2012 "green logistics packaging transport supplies" concept has deepened all aspects of Tianyuan. In the selection and design of packaging materials to fully consider the concept of environmentally friendly low-carbon, to enhance the logistics and packaging transport supplies re-use, such as: the second use of express bags, documents sealed, bubble bags, biodegradable courier bags get SF, TNT, EMS express giant Favored, which developed the reusable courier bag has been Jingdong, only goods will be a large number of enterprises such as electricity business. At the same time the establishment of packaging materials recycling mechanism for the implementation of packaging materials recycling policy, highly encourage courier and consumer recycling logistics packaging transport supplies re-use of the initiative.