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Production Of Safety Seals
- Jun 01, 2017 -

 Security Seals Method of making a safety seal A safety electronic seal is disclosed which locks the article using a first shaft and locks the first axis with a less expensive and destructible second shaft. These shafts provide an electronic device that monitors the safety of the seal, which can detect the illegal operation of the items that are fixed with the equipment and, in some cases, provide wireless notification.

  The safety device used to ensure the safety of the goods is disclosed.

  The market today has a strong reliance on shipping goods to the rest of the world. The goods are transported by sea, land and air, and may pass through various ports or stops. The goods can be transported in a variety of modes of transport, such as by ship, truck and aircraft. The shipper, the carrier and the addressee must confirm the safety of the goods to be transported and prevent theft, bribery and contaminants. Government agencies and insurance companies also have the intention to ensure that the goods are transported in the event of security protection. In order to better detect or track the occurrence of unauthorized or unlawful activities, the goods to be transported can be secured, and all their activities can be tracked through the supply chain. However, different guarantees and tracking methods may or may not be affected by the obstruction of the detours or fail to provide the necessary information to fully describe the cargo address, handling methods and safety.

  Security Seals An electronic safety seal (E-Seal) is disclosed that monitors the safety of the internal items and reports the tamper information in real time. The safety monitoring device complies with the international standard for container safety seals. There are also electronic devices for real-time reporting of time and location of illegal operations, as well as LED Violation Operation Indicators, which greatly inform the decision to check the goods in the container on the road.

  Security Seals The beneficial effects of the present invention may include one or more of the following. When the installation of the safety device into the installation of the vertical axis, the user does not need the appropriate location in the case of supporting the device, the vertical axis can be supported at the appropriate location. In view of this, the user can easily lock the device to the container without the need for additional hands to help. This device is widely used to ensure that the safety of large cargo equipment, such as construction equipment, etc., to ensure the safety of the goods in the packaging shell, such as cargo in the canvas package, to ensure that the cargo is not required Move the goods safely or in normal circumstances, to ensure the safety of valuables. In addition, the electronic devices that are sensitive to the equipment are protected from the basic principles. A series of baffles ensure that the accumulated water in the equipment is collected in time and discharged smoothly from the equipment. A small firmware house can not be removed by simply removing the fastener. It should be noted that man-made damage to the equipment or violations can be detected. The consumable components of the equipment are relatively inexpensive. When authorized employees are damaged by the equipment storage to prevent the use of information, the resulting replacement components are relatively inexpensive. This device ensures timely notification of damage to or damage to equipment or equipment protected by equipment. Thus, although it is not possible to prevent all types of damage to the goods or equipment, the device is a pointing device that provides a means to track damage and violation events. This device determines whether the device is actually harming, not just the error detection of damage caused by environmental shock. At the same time, when the goods are transported from one geographical location to another location, the device can track the actual location of the goods. If the damage does occur, the user can determine the location of the damage based on the information displayed on the device. Therefore, in the event of damage, the user can handle the insurance claim and obtain compensation more quickly. In general, the device can provide a higher level of safety protection for valuables.