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Rubber Knowledge
- Mar 03, 2017 -

Rubber processing including plastic rubber, mixing, rolling or extrusion molding and vulcanization process, each process has different requirements for products, coupled with a number of auxiliary operations, respectively. To can will various by needed of tie agent joined rubber in the, rubber first needed after plastic refining improve its plastic; then through mixed refining will carbon black and the various rubber additives and rubber uniform mixed into rubber material; rubber material after pressure out made must shape blank; again makes its and after pressure extended hanging rubber or coated rubber of textile material (or and metal) combination in with forming for semi-finished products; last after sulfide and will has plastic of semi-finished products made high elastic of eventually products.
In the process, has high precision products including oil seals, O-rings, seals and other rubber products, also needs trimming, deburring process, can be selected by means of a manual trimming, mechanical trim and freeze edge trimming.
Rubber and its products processing, storage and use in the process, due to the internal and external factors caused by the combined effects of rubber chemical and physical properties and the gradual deterioration of mechanical properties, and finally loss of use value, which is called the rubber. For cracking on the surface, sticking, hardening, softening, powder, discoloration, mildew, etc.