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Rubber Maintenance Of Common Sense
- Mar 03, 2017 -

1, vulcanized rubber type sealant
Is made of EPDM material. Super comprehensive performances, have outstanding ozone resistance, excellent weatherability, good resistance to high temperature and low temperature performance, outstanding chemical resistance properties, multiple polar solutes, and relatively low density. Disadvantage is that large amount of mineral oils and lubricants in general expansion, generally dark products. Operating temperature range -60~ 150 ℃. With its wide range of application, excellent performance, and have been recognized by industry at home and abroad.
2, silicone rubber sealing tape
Has outstanding resistance to high and low temperature characteristics of resistance to ozone and weathering properties; have excellent hydrophobic and proper permeability; has unmatched insulating properties can meet the requirements of food hygiene and health level, can meet the requirements of a variety of colors. Disadvantages are mechanical strength in the rubber material of the worst, not resistant to oil. Operating temperature range -100~ 300 ℃. Apply heat, cold, ultraviolet radiation strong areas and high-rise buildings.
3, neoprene sealing strip (CR)
Other special rubber, individual performance, but the performance balance. Excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance aging, heat-resistant and oil-resistant solvent resistance, good chemical resistance and excellent flame resistance and good adhesion. Storage stability of difference, hardening phenomenon happens during storage, cold is not good. Relative density. Usually black products. Used in oil, heat-resistant, acid-resistant requirements of environments. Operating temperature range -30~ 120 ℃.