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Security Labels And Bags Can Also Be Docked
- Jul 01, 2017 -

Security Labels and Bags can also be docked
As for the information of the safety label and the bag of the car, the rubber material and the nitrile rubber are agile to become the main information of the safety label and the bag, and the safety label and the The nature of the bag material has a high request: weatherability, good wear resistance, low water absorption, small residual deformation, in the low temperature conditions can also adhere to the outstanding softness, non-polluting.
   Car Security Labels and Bags by the whole body of the many parts of the demand, the body of the most extensive sealing area, not the same seal the most sealed, the relative difficulty of sealing relatively high, so the completion of the body seal compression method, tortuous method , Composite method three ways to complete the body of the whole seal. Security Labels and Bags In order to ensure the bonding strength, please evenly coated with glue on the sticky appearance, with a plastic tape scraping with a better, because the glue can not be used to brush brush, according to the door of the embossing depth Determine the amount of glue used.
Styrofoam when the use of the glue evenly brushing the appearance of the adhesive, brushing should not be too thick, exposure time should not be too long.
Introduction to copper doors
Tongmen, has been used in deep to the identity of both the identity of the guard is also the security of the door to consolidate the barrier. Now the copper door began to appear in the home was introduced into the apartment, the villa its gas special appearance. Consolidated durable features for the owner support the face.
Now, for the yard outside the eaves of the copper body is larger, elegant, and as a general apartment door, although slightly smaller, but the same rich and exhausted, taste good.
In general, the modern brushed copper door color can be done nearly ten kinds. The interior of the copper door is a steel skeleton, and the outer package is made of copper panel profiles. Easy to bend plastic, easy to crack the T2 copper belt is a very good copper door panel, in the use of copper doors more. Security Labels and Bags Although copper is anti-corrosion information, but the copper door in the manufacturing process will usually do its further anti-corrosion treatment. For example, first in the appearance of drawing, and then carried out several times the appearance of cleaning, passivation, spacing panel profiles and corrosion of the surface of the touch, Security Labels and Bags adhere to the original color of copper. Followed by no less than two times the phosphating treatment, in the appearance of a layer of maintenance film, which later through the spray spray paint, 1600 degrees Celsius baking, natural cooling and other processes, a Tang products Tongmen finished after all. As for the door of the steel skeleton, have been hot-dip galvanized treatment, and then the copper structure welding, installation. Other, and other raw materials, like the door, the copper door should be customized, the workers on-site investigation to determine the details of the scale, and then go back to the relevant data and graphics cut, and then door