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Security Labels And Bags Removal Method
- Jul 10, 2017 -

Security Labels and Bags removal method

To get a good quality label, it's important to have a reasonable security label and a bag option in addition to a high-quality bar code printer. At present, the bar code printer industry application more is the adhesive label. The non-drying label by from type paper, glossy paper and glue adhesive of three parts, as both from type paper commonly known as "bottom paper", the surface is oily, bottom paper for adhesive have isolation effect, so use it as a face paper attachment, to ensure that the surface of paper can easily falls off from the bottom paper, also called from the type of paper. Ordinary bottom paper and bottom paper points gration, GLASSINE paper, ordinary paper rough, thickness is bigger, according to its color is yellow, white, etc., general common stickers bottom paper printing industry for the economy of yellow paper. GLASSINE is dense and uniform, with excellent internal strength and transmittance, a common material for barcode labeling. It is often used in blue and white. We usually talk about safety labels and bags for copper paper, heat sensitive paper, etc., for paper. The surface paper is the carrier of the label printing content, according to its materials, copper paper, heat sensitive paper, PET, PVC and other kinds. On the back of the paper is the adhesive, which ensures the proper adhesion of the base paper and the surface paper. On the other hand, the paper is stripped, and the paste is strong and sticky.

Many Security Labels and Bags, Security Labels and Bags they are widely used now believe that most people are met, we usually buy in the supermarket, such as vases, bowl of plastic products, glass products and ceramic products, which will be posted manufacturer of Security Labels and Bags. Although the surface of the printing paper can be torn down, the glue on the bottom of the glue is always not clean.

Because the common adhesive contains petroleum resin, acrylic and other high polymer materials, the viscosity is relatively high. The manufacturer wants to be glued to a bit, not to fall during the transportation process, but it is too tight, it is not easy to tear. At present, there is no process that can ensure the strength of adhesion, and can easily tear to leave no trace.

But in general, dilutions such as alcohol, gasoline or nail polish, hand cream, and other dilutions can help you remove them easily and thoroughly. The method is to tear off the surface of the label, apply alcohol or gasoline, and then rub the surface on the surface, make it fully saturated with the adhesive, and use the cloth to wipe off.

But, with the solvent, it is also possible to gear surface damage, the conclusion a better approach is to use hot water soak adhesive part or use a hair dryer, then friction with a damp cloth to remove the stickers. This method does not cause damage to the object.

Please note posted on the fruit Numbers ─ ─ fruit Security Labels and Bags Names of fruit and a leading producer, but also identified the choose and buy of fruit is safe or not safe. Please pay attention to reading your hands on the fruits of that were on the digital Security Labels and Bags, don't look down upon it, this number is a unique alternative identity card, on behalf of the security labels only imported fruits and bags, and the number is a mystery.

Traditional fruit Security Labels and Bags: four Numbers and start to 4 organic fruit Security Labels and Bags: five Numbers and Numbers beginning to 9 transgenic fruits Security Labels and Bags: five Numbers and Numbers beginning of 8 if you happened to see an apple in the shop: if it's Security Labels and Bags is 4922, this is a traditional apple, it is the use of herbicides and harmful fertilizers to grow.

If its Security Labels and Bags are 99222, it is organic and safe to eat. If its Security Labels and Bags is 89222, don't buy it! It is produced by GMO! So next time you go to shopping, please remember these important Numbers and know how to avoid the purchase of inorganic and transgenic fruits. These should be noted, because if the fruit has been genetically modified, the shopkeeper has no obligation to tell you.