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Security Labels And Bags Special Printing Process And Surface Treatment
- Jun 23, 2017 -

Security Labels and Bags special printing process and surface treatment
In order to protect the Security Labels and Bags of printed patterns and enhance the quality of the label, many security labels and bags are printed after the choice of film, polishing and bronzing and other surface finishing treatment.
 First, the safety of labels and bags of bronzing 1. Bronzing method According to the safety label and bag processing methods, the bronzing method is divided into single sheet of bronzing and web foil. Sheet of paper bronzing to the traditional bronzing process the same, in the special bronzing machine processing. The roll bronzing is done on the label linkage and is the most widely used method of processing.
At present, the drum material bronzing in the following ways:
 ① Security Labels and Bags label machine flat pressure bronzing letterpress label printing machine whether it is flat or flat pressure flat type equipment, because the web intermittently to the paper, so all the flattened bronzing method. In general, the hot stamping station for the independent unit, there are some models of hot stamping die to share a unit, separate use.
There are two units of bronzing units, such as Japan Shiki SMHC-45-MWL label machine, one of its units close to the plate, complete the horizontal bronzing, the other unit for the independent unit, Complete the vertical bronzing. The model can be two-color bronzing at the same time.
③ Security Labels and Bags processing machine flat pressure hot stamping machine is designed for processing after the reel label and no need to print the label design. Bronzing is a function of the processing machine, the processing machine on the bronzing device commonly used flat pressure mode, the working principle with the above label machine.
④ round the round pressure round bronzing round pressure gold foil used for the bronzing version of the drum-like, bronzing and impression roller on the roll contact, to achieve bronzing. Round pressure round gold foil for continuous feeding on the use of rotary label machine, but the feeding speed has certain requirements, that is, the impact on the printing speed. But compared to flat pressure gold foil, greatly improving the efficiency. Round pressure round bronzing roller manufacturing costs are high, so only for long version of hot gold.
⑤ Security Labels and Bags on the machine cold bronzing This is a new hot stamping process, no longer use the metal plate after heating, but the use of printing adhesive method, so that the metal foil transfer, to achieve bronzing. The process is: in the printing of the location of the need to print the first UV pressure-sensitive adhesive, the UV drying device to dry the adhesive, and then use a special metal foil with pressure-sensitive adhesive compound, and then stripping metal foil, so metal Foil on the need to transfer the part of the transfer to the printed surface, to achieve cold gold foil. Cold stamping process cost is low, energy saving, high production efficiency, the use of existing equipment components, without additional equipment, is a very promising new technology.
Second, the safety of labels and bags of UV glazing process is mainly used in mirror coated paper, coated paper label surface coating, Security Labels and Bags the purpose is to increase the surface of the gloss, and to achieve anti-fouling, moisture, effect. According to the processing method, the safety label and the polishing material of the bag material are divided into single sheet light and web polishing, in which the web is the most commonly used method in the safety label and the bag printing process. The web safety label and the polishing of the bag are carried out on a rotary label machine. Currently widely used UV coating process, that is: in the printed pattern surface evenly coated with a layer of UV varnish. For water-based ink flexo labels, polishing is essential for a process. UV glazing process should pay attention to the following matters: 1. Varnish quality test UV varnish varieties, have a certain storage cycle, and the environment has certain requirements, so the river should be checked before use The color of the varnish and its drying after the coating, and the matching of the additives, but also observe the use of the printing ink with the reaction. Generally require the first glazing test, and then put into normal production. 2. Varnish thickness of the UV varnish smoothing characteristics of the solvent-like glazing, if the coating is too large will make the surface after the glitch appears, affecting the light reflection effect. Coating capacity is too large will make the drying oil is not complete, only the surface dry, resulting in rewinding after adhesion.