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Security Seals In The Discovery Of Damage After The Timely Processing?
- Jun 23, 2017 -

Security Seals in the discovery of damage after the timely processing?
    Safety seal from the ps transparent plastic as the seal shell, the lock body internal use of the spring structure, outsourcing Note ABS, the lock body surface can be customized by the laser typing, logo, coding, bar code, color and other information is mainly used for containers, Car, truck, car and other seals of a device. And has a high mechanical strength, with a chip within the world unique ID code, remote identification and read and write features such as features.
    After the factory has been found for a variety of special reasons for the safety seal damaged, the container driver should immediately notify the factory, the factory to arrange the relevant responsible staff rushed to the designated location, open the container, carefully inventory to see if there are missing boxes or excess items appear, And asked the driver to break the cause of the loss, take pictures retained, sealed factory-owned safety seal, the freight forwarding to provide a new security seal number, change the loading records, change the new security seal, and reported to the guests.
    Security Seals in the factory lock necrosis, lock, etc., immediately to the freight forwarding situation, please freight on behalf of the purchase of new safety requirements to meet the seal, and inform the title, the container is completed, the first factory-owned security seal And take pictures to keep the container to the venue, please keep the goods on behalf of the factory blockade, and sealed on the new correct security seal, asked the goods to take pictures to the company, check the company's own safety seal and the new security seal is the same, the company has Retained and submitted to the guest.
Container into the port area, be sure to check the entry information and my company to retain the packing list information consistent, if found to be inconsistent, immediately inform the freight forwarding and find the reasons.
Security seals within the friends are basically know that is a one-time wire made of padlocks, Security Seals there is a call is the steel seal, the basic description of the safety seal structure in front of the material and said a lot of , And now the main introduction to introduce the security seals used in where. Security Seals are mainly used in oil transportation, chemical, mining, customs, railways, finance, container, foreign trade commodity inspection, transportation product processing, and enterprise product inspection, packaging barrel packaging, energy measurement, keyhole smaller tank Equipment, to prevent theft and other industries sealed. In front of the industry is said by the security seal application industry, and now about the security seal with the place, such as the use of various types of containers, container trucks, box cars, tankers, meters, water meters, scientific instruments, Container short-distance transport, trucks, trailer freight, fire equipment, sealing, sealing the railway these places are to use the security seal, the total sentence back to the scope of the application of security seals is very wide.