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Security Seals Removal Method
- Aug 21, 2017 -

Security Seals removal method

In order to get a perfect quality Security Seals, in addition to the configuration of high-quality bar code printer, the reasonable Security Seals selection is also a very important part. At present, the bar code printer industry application is more adhesive Security Seals. Adhesive Security Seals by the release paper, tissue paper and as the two adhesive adhesive composed of three parts, from the paper commonly known as "the end of paper", the surface was oily, the end of the paper on the adhesive has a role in isolation, so Use it as a face paper attachment to ensure that tissue paper can easily peel off from the end of paper, also known as release paper. The end of the paper at the end of the paper and GLASSINE (GLASSINE) at the end of paper, ordinary base paper texture rough, thicker, according to its color yellow, white, etc., the general printing industry commonly used stickers at the end of the economy paper. GLASSINE (GLASSINE) at the end of paper texture dense, uniform, with good internal strength and transmittance, is the production of bar code Security Seals commonly used materials. Its common colors are blue, white. We usually talk about Security Seals for coated paper, thermal paper, etc., is the case of paper. Facial paper is the Security Seals of the contents of the carrier, according to its material sub-coated paper, thermal paper, PET, PVC and other categories. The back of the paper is coated with adhesive, which on the one hand to ensure that the end of paper and tissue paper moderate adhesion, on the other hand to ensure that the paper was stripped, but also with the stickers with a strong paste.

Now a lot of Security Seals are widely used, I believe that most people have encountered, we usually buy in the supermarket vases, bowls of plastic products, glass products and ceramic products, the above will be close to the manufacturer's Security Seals. Although the surface of the printing paper can be torn off, can be under the sticky glue is always torn not clean.

Because ordinary stickers generally contain petroleum resin, acrylic and other polymer materials, viscosity is relatively high. Manufacturers hope sticky little, the transport process will not fall, but stick too tight, torn up and inconvenient. There is no one process, you can not only ensure the strength of sticky, but also easy to tear without leaving traces.

But in general, alcohol, gasoline or nail polish, hand cream and other diluents can help easily and completely remove these stickers. Method is to seal the surface of a layer of paper to tear off, coated with alcohol or gasoline, etc., and then kept by hand rub on the surface, so that it fully impregnated stickers, and finally wipe with a cloth.

However, with these solvents, it is possible to cause damage to the surface of the appliance, the current summary of the better way is to soak with hot water or blowing hair dryer parts, and then use a damp cloth to remove stickers. This method does not cause damage to the item.

  The widespread use of Security Sealss and the continuous development of Security Sealss continue to promote the development of Security Seals printing technology. Security Sealss cover all flat, convex, concave, net and other printing methods, the application of different countries. However, from the recent development trend of the global Security Seals can be seen, flexible printing, narrow rotation printing, digital printing in Europe and the United States to become a new seal of Security Seals, but also the development of Security Seals printing trends.

Multi-process combination

Recently, the domestic Security Seals printing mainly used letterpress printing, offset printing, flexographic printing and screen printing several ways, from a technical point of view, these printing methods are different, have their own inherent advantages and disadvantages, no printing method can replace Another way of printing.

Offset is a more extensive printing method, the domestic sheet-fed printing is basically the world of offset printing, this printing speed, printing high definition, accurate overprint, printing level full, but the durability is poor while the ink layer Shallow, not suitable for printing bright colors of the Security Seals products.

Toppan printing copy of the graphic clarity, printing speed is higher, color strength and durability than offset, slightly worse than the screen printing, but the level of performance and degree of registration are stronger than the screen printing and flexo, so the domestic Most of the use of letterpress printing Security Seals production.

The biggest advantage of screen printing is the thick ink layer, hiding power is good, but the speed is slow, the level of poor performance, low registration accuracy (which refers to the domestic level), so the screen printing machine can be used to print layering is not strong The Security Seals.

Flexographic printing of the printing characteristics of the more central, foreign use of this way to print Security Sealss, but this technology on the anilox processing and the technical level of workers demanding, although the machine is relatively simple but the process is quite complex, In the domestic use of this way the Security Seals is not much.

In order to print the most exquisite Security Seals, you need to be in the printing process will be effective combination of various processes, the advantages of a variety of printing methods together to form a greater combination of advantages.