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Silica Gel Development Prospects
- Mar 03, 2017 -

Application of silicone rubber in the world market by category, Division and area for. Silicone rubber market development driven by many factors such as the excellent performance of silicone rubber, including excellent UV and ozone resistant, easy manufacturing or processing, high thermal conductivity, permeability and drug permeability, low combustibility, excellent electrical insulation properties, high temperature and low compression set. Because of the excellent performance of silicone rubber in automotive, transportation, electrical and electronic, medical, consumer products, and industrial machinery industries are a large number of applications. Silicone rubber is widely used in these industries, and these industries also promoted the development of rubber industry.
Silicone rubber has a huge range of business uses, such as glass curtain wall, such as adhesives and sealants. Safe, sterile equipment in medical industry increased demand, further boosted the demand for silicone rubber. One of the main reasons for growth in the sector in the Asia-Pacific region developing economies (in particular China) rapid economic growth. The development of automobile industry also continues to drive the growth of this market. With some silica gel products below.