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The Color Meaning Of Containers And Plastic Boxes
- Jun 01, 2017 -

Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates Container and plastic box color meaning, plastic turnover box is the logistics and logistics in the common logistics turnover box, folding, stamped and other styles, the color from the past a single blue to the current red, yellow, green, white , Black and some composite colors such as orange orange and so on. Style color diversification is conducive to customers to create personalized products, but on the logistics turnover box behind the secret of the color you know how much?

  Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates Logistics turnover box color, although diverse, but not what color customers can customize what color, which depends on the size of the needs of customers, as well as logistics turnover box manufacturers inventory linked to each other.

  First, if the customer needs the color is the plastic turnover box business has not done before, or is a special color, that customer needs to provide enterprises with color swatches, so as to be more accurate to meet customer demand color plastic turnover box The

  Second, the black plastic turnover box need to talk about, because the black plastic turnover box are usually made of waste, the quality is usually relatively poor, different from other colors only in the masterbatch to adjust, so need special attention.

  Logistics turnover box color behind the secret you know how much

  Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates Third, if the customer's demand is large, then the manufacturers can specifically for the customer to produce the required color; but if the demand for a smaller, logistics turnover box manufacturers specializing in production costs will be higher, so the price customers can not accept , Not only that, the enterprise specifically for a small amount of plastic turnover box mold is also time-consuming and laborious, more harm than good. So the demand for small cases, according to the logistics turnover box manufacturers inventory, inventory, the best color needs, the inventory can not pick only the other colors.