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The Effect Of The Thermal Transfer Ribbon On The Printhead
- Aug 10, 2017 -

The effect of the Thermal Transfer Ribbon on the printhead
Tandem printer in all walks of life in a very common application, such as consumption lines, hospitals, logistics and warehousing departments, wholesale supermarkets and many other places require high load on demand printing services. Therefore, the normal operation of the Thermal Transfer Ribbon printer on the various application environment is essential.
    Especially on the 24-hour all-weather discontinuous operation of the workshop, any one link - of course, including the Thermal Transfer Ribbon printer - presents the problem, the entire consumer line will fall into paralysis, the resulting direct loss is numerous.
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   Printheads are a very important part of all parts of the printer, which directly affects print quality. As a professional thermal or thermal transfer of carbon tape machine print head particularly vulnerable, if not much maintenance, it is easy to form the print job is not normal. Thermal Transfer Ribbon printers are mostly used in thermal print and thermal transfer printing, both compared to the thermal print method on the print head wear, pollution intensity is greater. Many users think that maintenance of the machine to increase a sum of money, this is only concerned about the short-term investment-oriented use of the Thermal Transfer Ribbon printer will give enterprises a certain level of consumption losses, but also increase the cost of consumption. After professional testing, regular and reasonable maintenance and maintenance of the print head required meager expenditure, saving several times as much as several times the equipment maintenance or update costs. According to professional and technical personnel to introduce, in addition to man-made damage, such as nail direct contact with the print head scratch, etc., Thermal Transfer Ribbon printer print head damage mainly from high-speed printing to bring wear, high temperature environment so that thermal paper (thermal printer) or Thermal Transfer Ribbon (thermal transfer printer) pure print head, high pressure or static lead to print head cracks and deformation. Once the print head is damaged, the printed label has a white line (the print head has a row of points is pure or scratch), while the printed label is vague, the reader can not read the data.
        Printhead film is a special film film that eliminates dirt on the printhead without damaging the printhead. There are many benefits to cleaning the printheads: In addition to extending the life of the printheads, it also reduces the downtime required for maintenance and saves the cost of changing the printheads. So it is a kind of economy, lunch, quick to eliminate the dirt fouling and do not need to remove the print head maintenance mode. Use the method of cleaning the printhead to clean the film: Disconnect the printer from the power supply. Open the printhead, remove the print media and print Thermal Transfer Ribbon from the print installation. Follow the recommended print head maintenance and maintenance procedures to clean the print head. Save the printhead film on the print channel under the printhead, and place the side of the printhead with the side down without lubrication. Close and lock the printhead. Slow to remove the film from the print installation. Clean the print head again in accordance with the recommended print head maintenance program. Load the print media and Thermal Transfer Ribbon, close and lock the printhead. Print multiple labels to check if the print quality is improved. If the print quality does not improve, please contact the technical support staff. With the film to eliminate dirt fouling only need to do once. Each film can be used up to ten times. When the film has obvious residue or dirt should be discarded when the plastic discarded.
When the Thermal Transfer Ribbon or graphics in the blank spot / line rendering prints are not different, it is possible that the print head on the dirt needs clean. In order to get the best print results, the print head should be cleaned regularly. Experts recommend cleaning after loading a new roll of Thermal Transfer Ribbon, thermal print media, or printing a continuous or folded print media that exceeds 150 meters. Do not ask to turn off the power when cleaning the printhead. Then, follow the steps below to stop cleaning the printhead: Remove the "printhead bar" above the printhead to release the printhead to the open position. Remove the Thermal Transfer Ribbon and print media from the printer. In addition, business users should also pay special attention to the use of "professional cleaning solvent" or choose to use "save the print head to clean the film" to clean and maintain the print head to prevent the appearance of dust from the print head caused by unnecessary pollution.