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The Sealing Industry Development
- Mar 03, 2017 -

First, seal the overall competitiveness of the industry in China is not strong. As we all know, in our country, the sealing industry says is the smallest of the industry, but the product can be used with the large industrial. Aviation, marine, petroleum, chemical, or mechanical, power generation, metallurgy, mining and so on, without seals. In short, all organic, pumps, pipes, valves, and are dependent on seals. So the industry is small, involved cover a very wide area.
In recent years, with economic development, the sealing industry development soon. But it is different from other industries, while sealing industry development, seal business change more slowly. Like the late 70 and early 80 's, only quite a few manufacturers in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, whether coastal, inland, or southern, Northern, full factory sealed, the sealing industry as a whole has changed from previous development to more than 300, this speed is fast. But companies generally speaking, many companies have changed a little, before the roundabout production scale is not, and some have even reversed, no big increase in strength in science and technology not only, instead of weakening, many manufacturers are still holding "four old" no, that is old, old technology, old equipment, old size. Of course there are some enterprises, imitation fake the ability for some products, but in the entire industry not many enterprises have the ability to develop new products independently.
Products, the vast majority of manufacturers and spiral wound gaskets, packing ring, packing and old products in the high strength gasket. Slightly innovative PTFE products lagging foreign technology and quality, such as PTFE packing, expanded PTFE tape. Looking at four weeks, very few new products.