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The Use Of The Thermal Transfer Ribbon
- Jun 16, 2017 -

The use of the Thermal Transfer Ribbon

First, the use of Thermal Transfer Ribbon

(A) automatic reading recognition. As long as the scan reader sweeps the tape label, the computer can automatically read and identify, determine the code of the goods, and then find the price, so the cumulative, etc., the summary of the settlement, the total output amount. With fast and accurate features.

(2) It is possible to classify, summarize and analyze the information of merchandise sales and facilitate the smooth operation of management activities.

(C) through the computer network in a timely manner to the sales information feedback to the production unit, reduce the production, supply, sales of information between the time difference.

The use of the tape on the publication: The code for the publication using the bar code is the EAN13 bit code. ISBN system book bar code bar code is "978", 1SBN system periodical bar code prefix is "977". The publication bar code is generally printed in the lower left corner of the back cover (or cover) of the book (periodical), the direction of the bar parallel to the spine (or vertical), but also according to the need to print the bar code in the lower left corner of the book, Generally should the bar code printed on the back cover (or cover) the lower right corner, the direction of the bar parallel to the spine (or vertical), but also the bar code printed on the upper right corner of the closure.

The use of the tape in the publication of the role: to facilitate the publication and distribution departments to establish a nationwide distribution of information network; is conducive to the publishing unit to grasp the sales information, understand the sales trends, improve management; help enhance the competitiveness of publications in the international market; Which is beneficial to the library to carry on the computer management to the publication; has provided the management authority for the technical means to strengthen the management of the publication; it is helpful to curb the illegal publishing activities; it is advantageous to the application of the POS sales network management system of the bookstore.

To convert a tape that is compiled according to certain rules into meaningful information, you need to go through both scanning and decoding processes. The color of the object is determined by the type of light it reflects, the white object can reflect the visible light of various wavelengths, the black object absorbs the visible light of various wavelengths, so when the light emitted by the Thermal Transfer Ribbon scanner light is reflected on the Thermal Transfer Ribbon, The reflected light is irradiated onto the photoelectric converter inside the bar code scanner, and the photoelectric converter is converted into the corresponding electrical signal according to the reflected light signal of different strength. According to the principle of difference, the scanner can be divided into light pen, CCD, laser three. The electrical signal is output to the amplifier circuit of the bar code scanner to enhance the signal, and then sent to the shaping circuit to convert the analog signal into a digital signal. The width of the black bars and black bars is different, and the duration of the corresponding electrical signals is different. The decoder then determines the number of bars and nulls by measuring the number of pulse digital electrical signals 0,1. The length of the strip and the empty is determined by measuring the duration of the 0,1 signal. At this point the data is still chaotic, to know the information contained in the Thermal Transfer Ribbon, you need to be based on the corresponding coding rules (such as: EAN-8 yards), the bar symbol into the corresponding number, character information. Finally, the computer system for data processing and management, the details of the items will be identified.