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What Are The Advantages Of Tote Container Boxes And Plastic Crates?
- Aug 21, 2017 -

What are the advantages of Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates?

The advantages of Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates are very many, with good bending resistance, anti-aging; have a higher carrying capacity; anti-stretch, compression, tearing performance, high temperature; color diversity, lightweight, durable, ; Box-style turnover box can not only be used for turnover can also be used as finished product packaging.

Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates can be customized according to customer requirements, specifications, size and diverse, able to use aluminum alloy package edge treatment, with the lid to use, waterproof and dustproof effect, nice appearance. Common hollow board turnover box in accordance with the requirements of the user design and production, loading capacity, but also to stack, you can maximize the use of warehouse space, improve the storage capacity of goods, reduce business costs.

Now we are talking about the most environmentally friendly, we attach great importance to environmental issues, resources and energy become more tense, so the Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates is also facing new opportunities and challenges, in order to meet the needs of modern social development, containers and plastics In order to meet the requirements of the market, such as the quality of packaging and the gradual improvement of the benefits, but also to consider saving energy and resources, so the Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates will be high performance, multi-functional, environmental protection, energy saving, new technology, new equipment Expand the scope of use and other aspects of development and innovation.

    Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates has gradually become the primary choice for modern logistics warehousing, in the factory logistics in the transport, distribution, storage, circulation processing and other sectors have a wide range of applications, how to choose according to business needs a suitable Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates?

     First of all to understand the material of Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates, the general material is polyethylene, polypropylene, according to the color of the product to determine the quality of plastic, good quality products, bright colors, a better gloss, and poor quality Products, often dull color, gloss is not enough.

     Second, according to their own needs to choose the type of Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates, according to the structure of the turnover box, can be divided into stackable turnover box, pluggable turnover box, folding turnover box, etc., different turnover box has its own use Features, such as pluggable turnover box in the empty box can be inserted into each other, greatly reducing the inventory space, improve the space utilization of the warehouse.

    Finally, you can manually press the Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates, so that it has a certain deformation, quality and reliable turnover box generally will not be damaged, poor quality products, slightly pressed, it will be damaged.

  Through the above points to identify customers for the quality of the turnover box should be aware of, with the increase in social needs, the types of turnover boxes are also increasing, the customer in the choice or to shop around, such as the same can be inserted turnover box , The straight box is superior to the performance of the slanting box, which overcomes the shortcomings of the external space of the inclined box, and the wall is thicker than the box.

  The determinants of the price of Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates are the following:

    1, Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates Material: commonly used polyethylene (chemical name: HDPE) and polypropylene (chemical name: PP). Recycled material is also divided into: a renewable materials, two renewable materials, the price naturally can not be said. The price of these two raw materials is different, in some specific period (with the international oil price changes) the price difference will be larger.

    2, the Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates of raw materials: can be divided into new materials (commonly known as raw materials) and renewable materials (commonly known as clinker), the new material in the performance is higher than the renewable materials, the price is obviously more expensive than ordinary The Small-scale manufacturers in order to maintain the survival, and again and again to reduce prices, desperately add renewable materials, and some even with all the material back to the production, resulting in the quality of the tray varies greatly; looks very low price, very cheap There may be serious quality problems, resulting in the pallet's own life is very short.

    3, the proportion of recycled materials: Recycled material tray to add a certain percentage of renewable materials, one-time injection molding tray; very significant, the proportion of renewable materials, the lower the cost, the lower the price.

 4, Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates Weight: very significant myself, the greater the weight of the tray, with more raw materials, the higher the price.

    5, the tray color: the color of the tray products can be tailored according to customer needs, but to add the corresponding masterbatch can be (common blue, black, green, red, etc.)

    6, Tote Container Boxes and Plastic Crates structure: the same weight, different structure of the tray, and some of the Department of injection molding, no follow-up processing, and some trays are required by welding and other multi-channel process after forming, the cost of course, higher, The price is also a lot of money, in addition, there are non-slip, steel, RFID (built-in chip) and other trays, the cost will be significantly improved, the price will be correspondingly improved.