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What Happens When There Is A Problem With The Thermal Transfer Ribbon Printing?
- Oct 23, 2017 -

What happens when there is a problem with the Thermal Transfer Ribbon printing?
Thermal Transfer Ribbon in the use of the process often problems and solutions
The first most common problem is the printing is not clear, poor quality, fuzzy, burr phenomenon, the reasons may be caused by the following ways
The temperature of the print head is too high or too low
When printing the concentration of debugging too light
The printed head is wrong
The second is more common is the phenomenon of running around the Thermal Transfer Ribbon
The main reason may be that the platen spring is not uniform and the paper stopper is not adjusted in accordance with the range of the label width, and is not caused by the poor quality of the Thermal Transfer Ribbon cut.
The third kind of more common is the Thermal Transfer Ribbon printer problem is to play out the label always has a shallow line on the top
If the printer if there is such a problem, to prove that you do the maintenance work on the printer is not in place.
When printing one or more lines across the entire card, the biggest possibility is that your printhead is damaged. The reason for this problem is due to the printing paper or your machine has some large dust particles, resulting in the print head in the printing paper at the same time access to the dust particles, so scratch the print head.
If the printer in the process of printing a large area of the blank part of the print is not printed, there are two possibilities, the first is a serious damage to the print head. The data line of the second print head is damaged. If you have this situation, please contact the appropriate printer service provider to confirm the damaged parts and repair methods.
Damage to the print head is irreparable, so encounter this situation can only replace the new print head, resulting in no necessary loss.
There are many ways to avoid this situation, such as attention to regular cleaning the printer. When printing paper, pay attention to the clean and tidy paper (check that there is no abnormal protrusion to attend that). Be careful not to touch the printhead when opening or closing the cover. Do not carry a watch, a ring, or other objects that are easy to touch the printhead (check the static electricity) when checking the machine.
The fourth is the printer to play the label occasionally there will be some spots
If you have some cards on the card, it is because your printer has dust, need to be cleaned in time. When cleaning, it is recommended that you use a special cleaning tool, which can protect the printer from damage.
If your printer does not clean up for a long time, there will certainly be some large dust particles inside the printer that will damage your print head during the printing of your paper and cause irreparable damage to the printhead. So the blue code Thermal Transfer Ribbon company remind you, remember to maintain a good printer head.
The working principle of the printer is the same, so the paper to keep the card clean and tidy (the best card in each card before printing with the eye cloth to wipe it again), so that the label will not be flawed.
The fifth is why the Thermal Transfer Ribbon and the water mark "stick" together
Bar code machine in the print water Mark when there is a part of the type of bar code opportunistic Thermal Transfer Ribbon and water mark stick together, from the Thermal Transfer Ribbon will be washed down the water mark, the water mark on the content becomes very blurred The
Then the Thermal Transfer Ribbon and water in the end is how to stick together:
The heat transfer bar code machine is like a bronzing machine, just the gold foil is used gold foil, and the bar code machine is a Thermal Transfer Ribbon, they are a kind of material through the high temperature attached to another material above, but if The printed material is melted after this temperature, then it will stick with the Thermal Transfer Ribbon.
After this relationship, we can make the bar code machine print hotspot temperature becomes lower or the print head pressure is smaller, this can prevent the Thermal Transfer Ribbon and the water mark stick together, but sometimes this method is not For any one bar code machine (low-end bar code machine) are applicable, then this can be printed when the water mark, pull the water mark, (remember to start printing at the beginning!) This can also be a little Play a little useful.
The most thorough way is to change the performance of a better industrial bar code machine, this bar code machine printing generally do not appear this situation, the other if you really do not want to change, but also the bar code machine on the air-conditioned room, This will improve. Some customers will say that the winter situation is better than the summer! Probably the ambient temperature is it.