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What Is The Material Of The Thermal Transfer Ribbon?
- Sep 22, 2017 -

What is the material of the Thermal Transfer Ribbon?
Warm base Thermal Transfer Ribbon has high sensitivity, high resolution, high density and other characteristics, wide applicability, such as plain paper, coated paper, crude paper, smooth paper, coated paper, synthetic paper,
The Thermal Transfer Ribbon has a wide range of labels, such as coated paper, smooth paper, coated paper, synthetic paper, PET, PVC and so on. It has the advantages of high water resistance, high definition and high resolution.
Resin-based Thermal Transfer Ribbon has high resistance to scratch resistance, stain resistance, solvent resistance, high resolution, etc., for a variety of materials, labels, especially a variety of polyester and plastic labels, such as synthetic paper, PVC, PET , Water and other standards.
Thermal Transfer Ribbon The main components of the barcode Thermal Transfer Ribbon on its material classification, can be simply divided into the following three:
1, wax-based Thermal Transfer Ribbon: that is, wax and carbon black (assuming a black Thermal Transfer Ribbon) as the main material, as a coating material products. The Thermal Transfer Ribbon is the most cost-effective Thermal Transfer Ribbon, which is used primarily for the printing of plain paper. The use of the Roots Thermal Transfer Ribbon must be noted in conjunction with paper, which is used for surface feel The bumpy material is less suitable for products that are smooth as a mirror material such as PET material.
2, the resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon: If the printed information must be required to anti-solvent anti-high temperature, etc., for chemical product packaging, or must be high temperature, for electrical heating parts, or must be printed on special PET and other chemicals , It is recommended to use the resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon, because the resin material can meet the above requirements, but this Thermal Transfer Ribbon price is relatively high, but the print effect or paper and print media must be used in order to achieve the best print level.
Thermal Transfer Ribbon (mixed with the Thermal Transfer Ribbon): that is, the mixture of wax and resin as the main material, as a coating material products. The proportion of mixing with the need to change, mainly for the surface of the more smooth materials, the general requirements for the surface of the more stringent products suitable for use, such as ordinary consumer products marked, its performance is combined with the above two kinds of Thermal Transfer Ribbon Advantages and made.
Color Thermal Transfer Ribbon, the main color Thermal Transfer Ribbon color is silver, yellow, blue, red, green, white, gold Thermal Transfer Ribbon, color Thermal Transfer Ribbon less black Thermal Transfer Ribbon less, mainly due to color Thermal Transfer Ribbon prints out barcodes as easy as the black Thermal Transfer Ribbon, and has a higher demand for printed material. So the color Thermal Transfer Ribbon is usually used for more high-end products and handicrafts, such as shoes packaging, jewelry, musical instruments, digital products.
And the black Thermal Transfer Ribbon classification, to adapt to different printed materials and durability requirements, color ribbon / Thermal Transfer Ribbon from the color base can be divided into wax base, wax / resin mixed base, the whole resin base.
It is difficult to distinguish the quality of the barcode Thermal Transfer Ribbon, the best way is to test the print results. Adjust the temperature on the machine, blackness, print out a clear, good blackness, resistance to scratch is the quality of the bar code Thermal Transfer Ribbon
      The following is the appearance of the bar code to distinguish the quality of Thermal Transfer Ribbon quality:
1. Barcode Thermal Transfer Ribbon has needle eye (bubble): due to the ink is not coated. Will cause the print effect is not clear.
Wrinkle: Due to a problem with the tension control system at the time of slitting, it will result in the printing of a word in a small area on the barcode Thermal Transfer Ribbon.
3. Barcode Thermal Transfer Ribbon blank: As the film is not handled well, will cause a small part of the blank.
4. The inner diameter of the core of the tolerance is too large or too small: cause the barcode Thermal Transfer Ribbon does not enter the bar code printer or reel can not afford the barcode Thermal Transfer Ribbon.
5. Print the temperature is too high, will cause the barcode Thermal Transfer Ribbon stick together.
6. Whether the paper core running edge: will cause broken tape, the edge of the print is not on.
The barcode Thermal Transfer Ribbon is not long enough.
8. Barcode Thermal Transfer Ribbon Wrapping too tight or too relaxed during processing, resulting in barcode Thermal Transfer Ribbon can not synchronize with the printer while it is running.
9. shoddy, wax-based ingredients are too high, too little resin composition, leading to the advantages of the hybrid can not show.