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Our History

Wenzhou Lucheng East Sea Container Fittings Factory was established in May 1984 in Zhejiang province.The founder, Mr. Weng Yuming led the team developed and manufactured the security seals in plastic seal series independently, the sales volume grows gradually. 

In 1997, the company removed the Zhejiang Industrial Zone, beginning to develop and manufacture the security cable seal series independently, which became the company's main product at that time. 

In 2003, because of company restructuring, Shanghai Xinfan Container Fittings Co.,Ltd. was established, obtained a TSS certification for security trademark, the product line is to be further expanded, and developed and promoted a high-security seal, metal seal, barrier seal, and other new products. In the same year, a production base was set up in Shanghai Jinshan Industrial Zone , meanwhile, a stable foundation was lain for the follow-up development .

In 2005, because of the factory expansion, its construction area covers 28,000 square meters.

Since 2006, the company obtained the national ISO 9001:2008 Industry Quality Certification, accessing overseas market independently, and focusing a batch of young power, growing the development of business rapidly.

In 2008, the company established offices in Guangzhou and Beijing, which has further improved its domestic-market share. In the same year, forming the commerce department, which is to provide customers professional service with the pre-sale, sale, after-sale, full-range service. Enhanced accessories for Xinfan in the logistics industry's leader position.

Since 2010, Xinfan obtained the international ISMA industry certification.

Since 2011, obtained the national GSV industry certification, the product line is to be further expanded, increased the packing materials, logistics supply, logistic-industry products, which is committed to becoming a long-term enterprise in the logistics area.

In 2012, the company imported a large number of modern automation-machinery equipment, and the testing & developing laboratory was found, which is to develop the industrialization of the factory transformation vigorously, to promote the product-efficiency.

In 2013, because of the factory expansion again, increasing production capacity, the factory construction area surpassed 40,000 square meters, preparing once again for industrial upgrading.

In 2015, Xinfan got its stock number 100432 in National Equities Exchange and Quotations of Shanghai Equity Exchange.

In 2016, the company imported a new thermal transfer ribbon production line and cutting machine, which can produce various types of ribbon like wax, resin and wax/resin ribbons. In the same year, Xinfan got its stock number 300052 in Science and Technology Innovation of Shanghai Equity Exchange.